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Global rebranding of heating system manufacturer WOLF






In the year 2016, Wolf GmbH Mainburg went through a strategic re-organization of its company by dividing it into three business units: Heating, Airhandling and Power Systems.

WOLF made it its mission to become one of the leading heating and climate system manufacturers that is dedicated to meet its clients’ individualized needs for room temperatures that support people’s personal well-being. It positioned itself as ‘The expert for healthy indoor climate’ and supports this with the appropriate tag line ‘Wolf – perfectly in tune with you’.

The company developed and implemented the strategic repositioning with a for them new and innovative agency arrangement: an interdisciplinary and flexible expert team that gathered in a creative hub to do the comprehensive repositioning the brand WOLF.

Over a period of 1.5 years, I had the exciting opportunity to be part of this virtual agency and lead together with my concept partner all digital topics. We not only developed the new branding but also numerous tools for professional business partners and end users.  Under the motto 'Wolf- Perfectly in tune with you' we tasked ourselves to cater to people's specific needs for a feel-good atmosphere.

Together with the IT agency, we developed a complex Front-End Module Catalogue[s1] , which aims to cover all current and future technical requirements. These elements should be able to be used individually and modular on the web page according to the content-related requirements.

With the new brand identity, a new emotional visual language has been developed that encompasses healthy indoor climate, quality of life, happiness and satisfaction. It stands for high end quality and authenticity. The feeling and emotions focus on `real life scenarios' and form a unit with its surrounding. The warmth and the sun light play a major role and act as a bridging element. The colors are realistic, natural, warm, full of contrast, minimal and transport a toasty and pleasant indoor climate. 

In addition, the ‘smartset’-app for controlling your own heating system has been extensively re-designed for android and iOS. The user experience has been optimized with the main goal to move away from the very technical, overloaded and outdated interface to a sleek and a pleasing haptic experience with a major joy-of-use approach for the end used.

Somehow , the old app did not really fit into the new brand design...

For end consumers, business partners and experts, the magazine RAUMKLIMA has been introduced which covers exciting topics around quality of life and well-being. The print medium impresses with strong visuals - in imagery as well as typography. The magazine has been expanded digitally by us.

The RAUMKLIMA online magazine covers regularly interesting topics written by an editorial team such as the influence of colors on humans or a portrait of the artist Berndnaut Smilde, who creates artificial clouds indoors.