Initial Design and Concept Development for Audi’s Brand Platform ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’.






The task at hand: to re-design the existing interim webspage for AUDI’s brand theme ‚Vorsprung durch Technik’ and to charge the subject and content with emotions. Through workshops and in close dialogue with the client but also with input from the strategy and UX/Concept team, a platform was designed that is not only state-of-the-art in terms of technology and visual design (responsive design, webtype, load on demand) but that also broke new ground in terms of content.

The approach: we take the user along on a journey, maximizing the fun to experiment and to discover, and encourage to engage and try new things. Instead of showing the user only long paragraphs with text, he or she can dive into so-called ‚experimentariums’ following the principle: experience by interaction first and only then comprehend by immersion.

A specific editorial department publishes on an ongoing basis new articles on key topics like leightweight construction, electric mobility for the platform. But also other related external content from areas like architecture, environment and others is being posted and thus enhances the branding platform. The portal has been recently launched and is being continously expanded.

Always giving the user the best experience depending on his device was an important premise.

The main articles has been designed in an opulent magazine style with much courage to allow for a large white areas, creative play with the columns and responsive grid, with large typography and impactful imagery. It was essential that the design would work and adjust itself in the best possible manner across the various digital devises in order to allow for the optimal user experience.

The probability that we store information is around 90%, when we interact with it.

Scientific studies have proven that a person’s recall rate is higher if he or she experienced it personally, rather than reading a book or watching a movie about it. That’s why we designed numerous little interactive application-modules, the user could experience the respective topic with, in a far  more tangible and immersive way.

For example, we developed a WebGL application called ‘liquid explorer’, where the user could create his or her own aluminum drop through WebGL, which could be altered, saved and then embedded on another page as an widget.

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Starting with a bubble of liquid aluminium, the user can freeform it to any form he likes to and save or share it with others.

Another module dealed with the question, how an electric powered sport car would sound as it would not generate the distinct engine sounds. The users were able to playfully create the typical engine sound through a sound design feature.

The project started with inter-disciplinary internal brainstormings and workshops. The strategy as the underlying foundation has been developed in parallel. However, the content and overarching user experience were developed independently in a so-called ‘High Level Concept’, which was aiming not to set any limitations.

As a result, we came out with some very creative approaches. The couch or popcorn mode through which the user was able to listen to the images in the article through an narrative slideshow.
Another  conceptual idea: each content element has been treated as an ‘individual atom’ and therefore has been able to expand and build upon to create contentwise a desired ‘molecular structure’.  For example, out of a technical parameter of 1.3 kwh became a comprehensive article through the so-called ‘Enrich’ button.