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Say, prove, do.

Long story short: I am Oliver Hinrichs, a freelance digital designer and creative director based in Berlin, Germany. 
For over 20 years I’ve worked in lots of projects that reflect my creativity, attention to detail, and appeal for good design and user experience.



I am working in the digital Space since 1996. Over the years I serviced both big and small clients and gained work experience on a broad range of different projects. In the 2000’s I co-founded my own digital company NASA 2.0, which received a lot of attention due to its compelling and influencing work . Since then I worked both as freelancer and employee for some really cool and renowned companies.

I consider my mission in creating meaningful work with a strong sense of purpose. And to create tailored design solutions with courageous bold ideas, strategic thinking and creative excellence.
Because originality is something we aspire to, taking an holistic, hands-on approach to the project is not only a challenge, but also a requirement. There must be room for surprises and for something that has not been seen before, that is why I am constantly trying to push things further and seeking the Unexplored.

My work has been awarded by some of the most acclaimed award festivals like the ADC Germany, Clio New York, DDC, NY Festivals, Cannes, ADC NewYork, IF Design Award and others. I am an active member of the Art Directors Club Germany and judged jury work in some of the most acclaimed award festivals around the globe.

In 2005 I moved to big Berlin and currently work as a freelancer, but i am always open to new oportunties.

That’s my story.

By the way: i do have a wife and a lovely kid. But still no pets!

It’s all about design in the end.”



The digital media space becomes increasingly complex. New fields of work seem to constantly appear. And with them new specialists for each new field seem to be necessary.

I studied communication design and have my origins in visual design. Nevertheless I always believed in a broad, generalist knowledge. Through this, I can think holistically and overarching to be able to ultimately put the user in the center of the communication.



Each project is individual and brings along its own challenges, sometimes maybe even problems. Nevertheless, throughout the many projects I realized over the past decades, I formed four principles which are the basis for my work. I believe, these they are the core essence of good communication and therefore of a great piece of work.

Outstanding and unforgettable work should always be grounded on a good idea. Because nothings beats a great idea, always try to convince the client and struggle for a better idea – if there isn’t one. Never ever follow stupid ideas!

It’s the passion and lovemarks, you and your team put into your project, to make it unforgettable, timeless and worthy. Always try to push things further and seek the Unexplored. If you don’t fall in love with your task, then don’t do it.

The synergy of design and technology is still an amazing & thrilling thing! Always have a hands-on approach followed by a strong digital vision. Take a holistic approach to every project, and make sure, every aspect of it gets produced at the highest quality.

Because originality is something we aspire to, always try to avoid conformity and boring patterns. There must be room for surprises and for something that has not been seen before. Originality makes a piece of work unforgettable and worthy.


I believe that communication is the key for creating solutions with a meaning. That’s why I always try to work in close collaboration with clients, big and small. These are just a few of the brands & companies I’ve had the opportunity to work for: 


As a multidisciplinary passionate designer & creative, I am constantly driven by the synergy of design and technology. In every project I am seeking to bring meaning into design and strive to create timeless work that surprises. I am open minded, always looking for inspirations and fresh ideas . I offer my expertise in the follwing fields:

Visual Design
Interactive storytelling
Digital experiences
Digital Branding
Corporate Design
Creative Strategy
Products & Services

Concepting & Ideation
User Interaction & Experience
Identity & Branding
Interface & Interaction Design
Design & Art Direction
Creative Direction

Web Design & Development
Mobile Design
Motion Design & Animation
Production Managment

Although it should never be the first prime reason to win awards with your work, it always feels good to get attention on your project – not only by the target audience of your work, but also other creative people around the world, admiring the hard work of your team and of course yourself. My work has been awarded by some of the most acclaimed award festivals – find a complete list here.

“If people aren’t telling you that your idea is crazy, then it is likely not a very big idea.”


Working in the industry for over 20 years, I gained experience in working for several agencies and collaborating with some incredibly inspiring and talented people. Here are some.

Argonauten G2 / Aperto / BBDO / Interone / Blackbeltmonkey / DDB / Dayone / Jung Von Matt / La-Red / Neue Digitale / Nolte & Lauth / Scholz & Volkmer / Strichpunkt Design / Razorfish / Hi-Res! / Weitclick


If you like to work with me, to share thoughts or ideas feel free to contact me. I do even serve a good coffee and sometimes offer a glass of wine!