My name is Oliver Hinrichs, born in Hamburg, Germany.
I work as a freelance Creative Director for Digital Communication & Interactive Design and currently live in Capitol Berlin, Germany.
I have a wife and a kid, but still no pets.


I work in the field of interactive media since 1995. I studied communication design in Hamburg, and because I was always addicted to computers and gadgets for my whole life, I gave that new medium a try. And guess what: Today, I am even more attracted and still hungry!
Since that time I have worked for a lot of agencies like SCHOLZ & VOLKMER, STRICHPUNKT DESIGN, JUNG VON MATT, DDB, BBDO INTERONE, NEUE DIGITALE / RAZORFISH & ARGONAUTEN G2 as well as my very own company NASA 2.0, which I co-founded in 1998 in Hamburg. Unfortunately the company doesn’t exist anymore.


My skills range from visual design and conception of online-games, websites, complex user interfaces and motion graphics over to advanced flash action-scripting and dynamic application development. Or in short: I always sneek and watch the complete field of digital communication.
I have work experience on a broad range of both small & huge projects for big clients such as AUDI, ADIDAS, DIESEL, COCA-COLA, BMW/MINI, MERCEDES-BENZ, DEUTSCHE BANK as well as smaller (but also respectable) ones like Thomas Schmidt Fotografie, Input film, Zomtec (BIFI-Unilever Brand) and many more.


I always try to push good ideas and therefore to sculp the future of digital communication. Exceeding the boundaries of current web technologies is a challenge…
…and important. Nothing beats a great idea – But even the greatest idea is nothing without the right mixture of both: Good Design and the creative Play + Use of technique.
Sometimes, the user is attracted and his pulse raises, but can’t tell why. Then i know, I did it right. That’s what I believe in.


Although it should never be the first prime reason to win awards with your work, it always feels good to get attention on your project – not only by the target audience of your work, but also other creative people around the world, admiring the hard work of you the team and yourself.
In the past 16 years I successfully collected more than 200 awards, nationaly and overseas like Cannes, ADC NY, One Show, D&AD, NY FESTIVALS just to name a few. Find a complete list here.